Help me reach my goal

Alright, I’ll sub.

Happy Throwing! = ]

subbed already.Man your good.And if im not wrong Andre also said your good in the YYJ forums right?Man im jealous lol

haha yeah. Ryan what was your username on that one?




i subbed a long… time ago, i might make another account to get you another sub, and maybe me… XD

lol I just really want to get some crazy good people to sub.

k did it, got u and me an extra sub XD i thin

oops i left a few letters laying there

I just subscribed. :slight_smile: Hope you reach your goal, your videos rock!


need 27 more

now if i get 200 subs by 25th of may i will make a 2 year video

bump almost there

i just subbed

thanks everyone who has helped so far. :slight_smile:

I gave two subs xD

haha how did you do that?

2 accounts?