Help me find this song!!!
So I watched this video and not only am I a fan of Haley, I’m a fan of the music she used. I really like the song played at 1:04,which is Barbara Mason’s song, Yes I’m Ready. I have the original song, but I love the remix from the video. Do anyone know where I can find the remix?

Idk. Shazam it.

I tried to,it didn’t work;thanks for the suggestion,though.

have you considered the possibility of it being a remix? If that’s the case than it most likely will not show up on normal song databases.

Close to Me by Teams vs. Star Slinger would be your answer my good sir.

That’s the first song,I knew that song before I saw the video. I need the song that starts at 1:04

I did consider that,and that’s probably why I can’t find it. If all else fails,I’ll just make an MP3 of it.