Help. Fixing my Boho

Is this pine going to work as an axle?
Any suggestions on making this take apart?
Any other general advice?

I tried to make one already and it was too short.
Also looks like the string is digging into it. Only threw it a few times.


Pine is a pretty soft wood. Maybe try something like maple or walnut?

Also, this is the first time I’m seeing the inside of a BoHo. It looks so much nicer than a Legend Wing. I may have to pick one up now.

I had to sand the wing I had. Ended up giving it to a kid who was watching me.

The Boho is many times better. Heavier than the wing. And the finish is much more polished.

Yeah I tried two more axle with the pine. Not gonna work. I’ll hit up the specialty wood store tomorrow.

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One time I got a perfectly smooth Legend Wing. Every Legend Wing since has been behind rough on the inside. I’m talking like insanely rough.

How’s the weight compared to the Legend Wing?

One of the most important elements to a fixed axle yoyo is the gap width. I don’t know what the stock gap was, but I would spend some time testing and adjusting the gap before you glue it.


This looks like it’s not a one piece. I thought it was since the legend wing is a one piece. What happened to the original axle? Did it break?

And yes, walnut is likely the best choice for consistent response. Maple will work too but could be a bit slippier.

As for a take apart, it’s possible but very difficult to get right. Likely not worth the effort.

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Getting a groove “burned in” on a wooden axle is very common and normal. I like the groove on my legend wing bc it’s right in the center and helps keep the string away from the walls. Idk just wanted to say something. Also you can burn in a groove in like one throw if you throw really hard. It’s called burning in bc you can kinda smell a burning smell. I learned all this from Steve browns podcast also btw. Good luck!

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It’s probably not a popular opinion, but I like to take the metal axle out of an old Duncan butterfly and glue it into wooden throws. I have an old wooden Duncan tournament that I cut in half and turned into a butterfly with a metal butterfly axle and, while it does wobble, because I hand drilled the axle holes without clamps or measuring, it still plays great and has great response. If you do go this route, I would try to find an older butterfly to yank the axle out of because they are concave and seem to work a bit better than the new ones which are very angular.

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The original glue didn’t last on one side. I used wood glue to put it back together and messed up the gap. Used too much glue so the axle didn’t go all the way back in. Thus trying to fix my gluing error.

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Maybe too late for this suggestion, but in the wood turning topic, you’ll see people using specific numbers of playing cards to measure and set the gaps when gluing. I’ve had a few wood yoyos glue give up on one side. Wood glue has usually worked for me. The one that didn’t, I’ve been meaning to try epoxy, but haven’t found the time yet.

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That’s a neat idea. Do we get to call that a hybrid lol

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How many cards is that? I need to re glue my bloodcell at some point

  1. Bloodcell is also 8 cards.