Having Problems with YoYoNews Site

Oi oi saveloys.

Is anyone else having trouble with loading pages on the yoyonews website? For the past couple of weeks I’ve found that pages have been taking a considerable time to load, or more commonly, are not loading at all.

I’m browsing from my iPhone (for reference), I’ve never had any problems with it in the past but it seems recently that this has started happening.

Anyone else noticing similar issues?

(Ps- I’m aware that I could have PMed Steve about this, but if it turns out that it’s only me then there wouldn’t really be much that he could do and it would probably just end up wasting both our time.)

I havn’t been having any problems with it.

Sometimes I get a message that says like something about this site going down, and sign this petition…

Well lets wait for unklesteve

I have the same problem Gambit. Using iPhone 5

I’m on an iPhone 5 and it’s loading fine.

Main page opens, but when you click an article it does not load for me.


Just used mercury browser and it works just fine. Maybe it is mobile safari.

Support net neutrality.

I got to the homepage but that was it.

i dot have super nice phone or anything, but ive had problems with it for like a week or so…they will fix it soon enough, thats even if its a problem with the site, could just be a browser error…:SHrugs:

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m currently on my Macbook and it’s having the same problems, so maybe it’s a Safari thing…

You don’t use Chrome or Firefox?

I second that. I’m having no problem with the website.

I rarely use my macbook so I’ve just stuck with Safari on it, I mostly browse on my phone which just uses safari as standard. It’s never been a problem in the past, only recently, so I’ve never really had to think about switching to a different browser.

Works just fine on a…
PC w/firefox.
(rather than some phewee, crippled phone)

I sometimes get a error message about some script not responding. Pc with firefox.

Yea Google Chrome. Whoop whoop!

The Net Neutrality pop-up was one-day only.

I’ve had some strange connectivity issues as well, but nothing I’ve been able to duplicate or that André and I have been able to find any actual source for. I just went in and deleted a bunch of plug-ins that aren’t currently being used, so hopefully that helps.

I’m shopping around for a new Wordpress theme that is more mobile friendly but will still support advertising options. I’m finding that themes designed to be responsive seem to generally load a little quicker and easier and have fewer parts that go boom without warning.

In the meantime, anytime you have a problem please email info@yoyonews.com with exactly what happened, and what hardware/software you were using when it happened. If we can get enough data maybe we can isolate the problem.

Sorry for the hassle, everyone. I put an insane amount of work into the site…the thought that people can’t get to it makes me crazy. :frowning:


I was able to resolve my issue with accessing the articles on the site.

I am using an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.2

Out of curiosity, I cleared my cookies and data. This fixed the problem for me immediately. No problems with any part of the site moving forward.

There was much rejoicing.

Hope this helps others.

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I have a Chromebook; as well as a Macbook Pro; so I am familiar with both as a developer.
Nothing wrong with Safari. It is a great browser.

Clearing browser cache and cookies solve myriad problems.
Do it regularly.