Haven't thrown since 2007, bring a "back to beginner" up to date during Halloween Sale!

If you want some premium competition perfonmance I’d go with the hummingbird. However, many people here can make better and more accurate reccomendations. Good luck!


Thank you for the suggestion, I should add that it doesn’t have to be competition performance, although I do understand that for what I am looking for that is probably what I am describing. :slight_smile:

I want something premium that will make it easier to learn on and looks good.

I did look into the Hummingbird, but given I already have a Dove, by yoyofriends it would be nice to try a different brand maybe for the metal one.


my friend says the Haymaker X is good

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Bet that Meerkat plays well (YYF)

Sure looks good. Most newer YYF’s play well imo.


Monometal recommendations:

  • One Drop VTWO
  • One Drop Top Deck (not sure what’s not to like about the shape…its playability is breathtaking)
  • One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV

Bi-metal recommendations:

  • YYF Hummingbird
  • Mowl Surveillance
  • Duncan Grasshopper GTX

As for accessories, here’s what I like:

  • Boss Rage bearings
  • YYSL Type X or ZipLine strings

If you want something a bit off the beaten path (though I know OD is good, their modern stuff is really nice), I released my first yo-yo design here on Yoyoexpert earlier this year:

It’s gotten some good reviews, and I’m really happy with the design.

You can read more about my yo-yo company here.


That is such a beautiful photo, Mark!


Thanks, @YoYoExpertGarrett took the photo!


how do you guys make the yoyos stay at that angle where they are tilted up?




I second the Diffraction 2! It’s a beautiful throw, feels great in the hand, is very high performing (spins forever, doesn’t vibe, and doesn’t tilt) and is just a very fun yo to throw around!
Plus it helps support an awesome guy! :smiley:

Another you might want to consider throwing into your order is a Shutter. The 15% Halloween coupon doesn’t unfortunately work on it…but it is on sale right now for just $30…which is a $15 discount!
Just a suggestion!


Hi zslane,

Thank you for your suggestions.

I should have phrased it better, I know all the ones I mentioned, VTWO, Kuntosh 5000QV, Top Deck etc are all highly recommended yoyos from One Drop and without having thrown all 3, there is no way really of telling what I would like the most. But I figured I couldn’t go wrong with any of those 3 if I decided to pick a OD yoyo, and out of the 3, I just least liked the design from an aesthetic point compared to the others. Totally vain I know but seeing as all of them are equally as good for my purpose, I figured why not go with ones that are more pleasing to my eyes. Having said that seeing how much they are recommended to new comers looking for premium metals, I wanted to keep it on my short list. Design wise, the Kuntosh 5kQV looks best in my eyes, but there isn’t exactly a colour way that really grabs me that is available, so that cancelled the two out.

Thank you for the other recommendation too, I know Bi-metal is the hype right now or so it seems, but I think for this purchase (I know I asked for mono or bi) after some thinking decided maybe it’s best I stick to a mono.
Reason being, I have something new and different to look forward to for a future purchase and keep things interesting.

Out of the 3 one drops you recommended what are you thoughts on the differences?

Thanks again.


Hi Mark,

I am adding this to my short list.
I can’t promise that this will be the one I buy, around 50 bucks I think I would have just bought it regardless whether this is my pick or even if not as a second add on to help you out but right now I know nothing of this yoyo.
What I do promise I will do is to get on YouTube straight after dinner and start watching all the videos I can find and also look on this forum too before making a decision! :slight_smile:

I am a sucker for a story though ^^

Thank you for the recommendation and everything you are doing (I don’t know the background as I am new to the modern yoyo scene, but I assume this is a good assumption to make) for the community. I think the yoyo community is such a fantastic place, and it always has been since my forum days at yoyoz, yonation, theyo etc. and I have high respect for everyone who works to further progress and helping new players like myself.

Thank you again!!


No worries! There’s LOTS of people here who completely understand this!
The way yoyos look is one of the most important things for me personally when I’m considering a purchase. I take it a bit further and only collect 1 color (green=love :green_heart:).
If the way a yo looks doesn’t excite me, I really don’t even consider it.

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that actually made me laugh IRL

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The VTWO is just an awesome all around performer. It is my favorite yoyo. But some folks just don’t like V shapes and so turn their nose up at it. The $99 price tag can turn a lot of people off too I suppose. The VTWO is my “desert island” throw.

The Top Deck feels like a super comfortable bi-metal. I mean, the spin power on it is astonishing, and if you put a centering bearing in it (something I recommend if you get any One Drop, by the way), it will be as stable as any bi-metal, but it never feels static on the string like, say, the Draupnir.

The Kuntosh is a strange beast, IMO. It has performance for days, much like the other two, but it is bigger and bulkier and takes some getting used to. If you like big, bulky yoyos then the Kuntosh is the one for you. You’ll be amazed at how something of its size and shape can be both nimble and powerful at the same time. Being a side effects yoyo also means you can kinda tweak the weight distribution a bit if you like. I like to have ultra-lites in mine so as to maximize the percentage of weight that is on the rims, but if you don’t mind the added weight, you could put a set of brass side effects in and increase the center weight for a more balanced–if heavier–yoyo.


I have a lot of respect for YYF and their yoyos.
But for some reason, the shutter doesn’t really give me that spark of joy feeling I get when looking at new yoyos.
I looked into it because it’s also highly recommended it seems, but I like to buy yoyo’s that just thinking of buying gives me this little spark in my mind and oddly this one doesn’t.
Not a very good reason to count it out, and I hope I get to try it one day, but I am not putting it on my short list for this particular purchase as my first forray into modern metals.

My theory being I need to love just throwing for hours and learning new tricks, which I do, but having something that makes me want to take it everywhere will help too.


Beware of the knock offs. I bought one, and it’s hard to calibrate.


Absolutely! Me too! Part of what I love about this hobby is how much it can bring out my inner child! I LOVE the feeling of nostalgia, and a lot of the yos I end up purchasing and playing the most give me just that! The way a yo looks and feels plays a huge role in how much I like it!
I have a ton of nice high end metal throws now, yet one of my very favorites is a cheap $10 Duncan Pro Z just because it floods me with nostalgia! :heart:

Makes perfect sense to me!


Yeah I totally agree, thank you :slight_smile:

For me I like yoyos that are either popping in colour (like very vibrant) or something more subdued and elegant like the project (I think the VTWO might be the same colour) brown.

But it’s not necessarily a specific colour it’s the way it looks with that particular yoyo together with the colour.

I do love a dark green too.

Also like the look of blasted finishes more than polished. coarse finish looks great in my eyes