havent been here in a bit.

So just a fresh lil peek is in order.“http://www.youtube.com/v/vCVV75u7ceI&hl=en_US&fs=1”>

clean your room? cool trick

not the first.

i like your move. i don’t like your room, i mean really.

kool trick… nice yo (spy addiction 2??) lol… and ya you need to clean up that room a lil.

yeah i understand your strong concern for my room.
yes its the addiction 2 and yes ill clean my room pap.


Yeah, i haven’t been around much eather between moving and summer camp. But this trick was a nice way to kick off my re-entry.

Well hearing that makes me happy, only the mounts are staples as of right now.

Oh yeah i got this cool wrist mount slack trick, cant wait to show you guys that one!!

By the way thanks for giving me your time whether you just peeked or left a reply, heck i get excited if 20 people view my post hahah

happy throwin

i liked the 1st person pov. kinda cool. trick looked sweet though man… room made me puke. :o haha, jk. i wanna see a tut for it when its done and finished