Have you seen these yoyos??

Just trying to track down a few of my older throws…if you have any info please pm me or follow me on instagram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Black Bip Bop Avalanche (prepro/no outside line)

Beat up/Soda blasted Avalanche with CLYW sticker

“Party Peak” and OG Painted #12

just wondering if anyone on here has them or has seen them =)

I believe LinksLegionaire recently sold that Avalanche because I almost bought it…

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thanks! =)

I have them all actually. $10,000 for them all back.

Jk lol I will let u know if I see them around. Then ill sell them back to u lol again Jk but Ill look out for them.

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hahaha! thanks! =P

Nope, they look awesome though.

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I’d assume that yoyobrothers has them.

nah, i am good friends with him and i know he does not.