Has anyone here gotten the USA Super G with their Regen?


I want one so bad.


I ordered the white Regen and didn’t get the Super G =( On the bright side the Regen is fun!


No, I did not get the Super G with my Regen. But the Regen is my altimeter favorite throw!


No super G here :frowning: but the Regen has become my daily beater for outside the house. Not my favorite throw, but it’s good. I’d buy it again if this one became unusable


I have two from mystery boxes, with the preferred black caps, so I haven’t bought a production version. I’m tempted to buy one for a chance to win that USA Super G. Maybe you’ll luck out, and someone who wins it will be willing to sell it to you.


I in fact did get a USA Super G with my Regen. It was very nice surprise. Thanks YYExpert.


:frowning: I will find you, lol


I’d love to see a photo of it, if you’re able to post one, at some point.




Nice !! ^^^

I own several Super-G’s, but I really like this colorway. It looks particularly nice on the Super-G.
I’ve not been all that impressed with that colorway on other YoYo’s though for whatever reason.

Thanks for sharing. :wink:


Good lord I want that


Bidding war! Just kidding. That colorway looks great on the Cypher too, but those were very limited.


Finally decided to buy a Regen and got a nice BONUS! :wink:



I really want a USA super g