Happy birthday adam brewster..

^^^^^^^^^^ ;D

hbd to one of the best players (and dudes) of all time. hope it’s full of simple pleasures and complicated cake.

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Happey birthday

That picture is classic.

That was from a truckstop on the way to NYC for IYYO in 08 with Adam, Brandon Jackson, and Samm Scott all crammed into my car. The times were good. (And of course that’s the Balls Peak which Adam earned by tackling Chris Mikulin at Worlds.)

Had to write your name on him, right?

CLYW should make more yo-yo’s with “balls” written on them.

Thanks guys!

Productive day!
Cleaned the house,
Cleaned the roof gutters,
Finished building a fire pit,
Planted some blueberry bushes,
Enjoyed some fresh juice and coffee,
And am about to enjoy some S’mores and Jurassic Park (1 & 2) for a Dinos’more birthday party!

Happy Birthday man!

Sounds like an awesome way to spend the day.

Productive days are the most satisfying in my book. Whether they are cleaning days or educational days-- they are just the best.

What??? No yo-yoing?