Hank Freeman leaves Duncan

Just saw this on yoyonews. I really do hate to see him go; he was always one of my favorite Duncan crew members. :’(

But 44RPM with Drew (my personal favourite former Duncan guy) is a heck of an exciting move. It eases the pain. :wink:

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Duncan looks like its dying… hopefully it will pick back up.

It’s a cyclical event. Nothing new.

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Heard this about a week ago.

A week ago.

If they loose Janos…

It’s been on the docket for a while now, I just never got around to posting anything. Once you’ve known about something for months, it’s hard to remember that it’s “news” ha ha. But Hank messaged me and said that apparently the lack of formal announcement was causing some confusion, so I agreed to post something “official” on YoYoNews for him. Because he’s my dude.

It’s no problem, and I understand that. The repetition in my post is a reference to a rap song. Sometimes the things I hear everyday influence the syntax of my posts. :slight_smile:

Ever since 44rpm posted a photo of the Rhythm, I had suspicions. I wasn’t told for sure until after LVO.

or SeaBass