Halo Toy Tutorial - Basic Ring Finger Switches

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Halo Toy Tutorial: Basic Ring Finger Switches

In this Halo Toy Tutorial I will be teaching you how to do three different ways to pass, transfer, and switch the ring of Halo around your fingers. This is a good starting point in learning how to manipulate the ring and move it where you want when you want with ease. Remember that learning in horizontal play slows down the motion and allows you to stall and time out your switching gaining you the practice you need.
  Hopefully this teaches you how to switch and transfer the ring around your hands in no time!

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= What is Halo Toy? =

Halo combines the playfulness of a dexterity toy while doubling as a fashion accessory. A vast library of tricks is waiting to be discovered and mastered leaving you with limitless opportunities and endless fun. The jewelry aspect that Halo brings by being wearable to the fidget toy community means you no longer have to dig through your pockets or bags to get to play wherever, whenever.

  • PLAY 
    Halo is a skill toy very similar to toys such as Begleri, Pen Spinning, Coin Manipulation, Bailsong, etc. The simple yet elegant design allows for a broad range of tricks. The ring size allows all fingers to pass through, while still giving the chain enough room to maneuver.

  • WEAR
    Halo was designed to be a fashion accessory for anyone.

    Halo also fulfills the fidgeting needs you never knew you had.

    Because Halo is all metal it produces an audio experience akin to ASMR. Just like the Greek toy Begleri that clacks together while doing tricks Halo has a similar audio experience. The sounds from Halo are very subtle grinding and chain kink noises. With Halo being a seamless style toy. The basic repetitive tricks can produce very rhythmic noises.

= Where did Halo come from? =

Halo came from my everyday need to always play with something. It was always more than just fidgeting. I wanted to do tricks/stunts with objects all the time. I was that kid in school off in the corner flipping his pencil around and always trying to add to the tricks complexities. This unyielding desire to play with physics nonstop naturally lead me to get into and work for several toy companies. I play with just about every toy that requires dexterity skills.

Not many other toys share the same properties as Halo. The seamless loop of chain and the giant ring bring in some interesting new elements to the skill toy world. Since the ring is not fixed to the chain it allows almost all wrap rebounds to come out successfully. The chain being seamless also allows on the fly wrap sizing by adjusting the contraction and expansion of your hands. The chain length of Halo is completely up to the user. Changing the chain length allows different ways to play while allowing all the basics of Halo to transfer over as well.

= Specs: =

100% Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel (Colors are steel plated)

Total weight: 62 Grams*

Ring weight: 26 Grams*

Chain weight: 36 Grams*

Ring Sizing: 30 / 14 / 2.4 mm*

Chain Sizing: 7 * 5 * 1.5 mm*

Chain Length: 30 Inches*

1 Halo Toy includes: Ring (1x), Chain (1x), Jump Ring (2x), and Clasp (1x) + Extra Accessories.


= Conclusion: =

By supporting Halo you would be pioneering and paving the way for this new toy as we build up our community!

= Risk and Challenges: =

Halo is already patent pending. We are very lucky to be working with Integral Patents. So most of the hard work is behind us.

We already have manufacturers ready to go.

Production of Halo takes 20-30 days.

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