Hairy Baby - Mini Dump Trick


First trick is mine (never saw it before anyway) based off the concepts in the other 2 tricks in this video. I posted the other 2 on my channel last week, but not at these angles which help to show what is going on more from the player’s view and in slo-motion.

Second one is Takeshi Kamisato’s and the third is Malcolm Chiu’s trick as far as I know. Their videos are the only ones I’ve seen the other tricks in so that is why I’m attributing the tricks to them. Please let me know if I am wrong. Thanks!

I’ve just been calling them GT lacerations and mine specifically hairy baby, but they are sort of a suicide laceration hybrid?


Awesome. I need to learn these.


Thanks, yooldman! Let me know if you have any questions.


Awesome, will be working on this over the weekend. These kinds of tricks always blow me away.