Haha, I'm such a noob at 5A.


I never say noob, but seriously, I am.  This video doesn’t lie.  Tell me what you think!


That is awesome! I can barely do 5A let alone the tricks.

(J. Lev) #3

Well, as you saw at IYYO, I’m incredibly skilled at 5a, and can offer you much constructive criticism. /end sarcasm

Looks good!


Haha. Thanks.

That means a lot coming from you. /end sarcasm ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: Jk.


Hey that’s pretty good. Better than me.


not bad
keeping working on it you will be a good 5a player


Dude thats pretty good. Better than me.
BTW this is off topic but I saw you at IYYO I remember you. I dont know if you remember who I am but I was the guy with the red and black PGM


Yeah! I do remember you! You were with Ian and Alex. And you traded Jeremy for his Cyclotron! He’s Xdohls. And do you know if Ian and Alex go on the forums?