Guys...I have a confession to make.

I’m kinda obsessed with Shakira.




We all have obsession, like I’m obsession for cannibal corpse or children of bodom

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Could be worst. Besides, you’re also obsessed with yoyos so… Everything’s cool. 8)

fave song^

I’m a Shakira hipster. I lived in Mexico when her star was rising in Latin America and English-speaking America hadn’t heard her.

Shakira Unplugged, instant classic. :slight_smile: And as far as I know, her last major release before her English-language breakthrough.

Estoy Aqui!

I can’t blame you she’s gorgeous :smiley:

WOW You like CC and the Hate Crew!?!?!?!?!

Do you like Deicide? Lamb of God? Burn The Priest!?!?!/

Yeah her non english stuff is awesome, its sad that many of her fans in the US totally ignore her stuff that isn’t english and newer.


The subject matter/lyrics in her older stuff has more depth and meaning, too. Once she really took off in the US for the English-speaking audience, it mostly became sexed-up club stuff. Or at least the singles; I honestly haven’t listened to her full English-language albums.

Still, I enjoy that stuff, too. I don’t always need depth in my music!

lamb of god is good, i listen to more death metal,grindcore or technical death metal.

As the case with many a female modern song artist unfortunately. > . <

Do your hips lie!? :wink:

Hehe, not at all hun ^ ^

My hair does sometimes though > . <


I’m obsessed with Lupe Fiasco and Childish Gambino. Lazers was Lupe’s best album and fave song by C.G. is These Girls…that’s how I roll