Guy With A Yo-Yo Presents: The Saboteur

After countless hours of planning and testing, I am proud to announce THE SABOTEUR! It’s a High-Walled organic inspired by the past but made for the standards of the future. I was fortunate enough to enlist the expertise of Anomaly Yo-Yo’s in the commission of the design.

Lots of testing, lots of throwing, lots of love; as I have more so will you!


Just a few updates for everyone!
Specs for the production run are:

Material: 6061 Monometal
Diameter: 55.6MM
Weight: 65G
Profile Width: 45.5MM
Gap Width: 4.4MM
Pads: Standard 19MM Silicone pads
Bearing: Large C
Axle: 12MM

I had a contest to select the colorways for the production and the top five will be made for the production run which is due in late march, each throw comes with a custom made Bad Wolfe Co. string to match the Yo-Yo colorway.


I don’t see any wooden shoes anywhere. Just saying.

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I gave my Sabot away, sigh, they were from some Dutch beer company so you know they were authentic!

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This looks great! I can’t wait to give it a throw!


That green and shape looks :fire::green_heart:


A few new pictures, including the inside!


Organic throws are pretty great.

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