gunter's videos

hey,i play since 10 month now,and i have some video to show you : my 8 month video :

a little picture trick :

i will hade some new concept during the chrismas holidays

Damn 8 months! I’m impressed! Nice video.

Nice~! :slight_smile:

Thanx ! All these tricks are my own tricks,i can not learn difficult tutos,so i create every tricks of every combos…so i look maybe more original than the play of a"normal" 8 month player…

That was good! It took me several replays to see what you were doing. It normally only takes me one :slight_smile:

thanx! i’ll try to make a little chrismas video tommorow

hey! a few part of my new year trickcircle !

:o this is some awesome stuff you have got going for you!!!

thanks dude

10 months? I’m impressed!

one year freestyle…also my eyyc freestyle,at home version

so,my first trickcircle of 2015…hope you like it !

come on,tell me what are you thinking about it ;D