Guess who's back...

…This guy…

I’ve been going through some rough stuff lately but I never once put my throw down. I am going to school now, Bachelors of IT – Software Engineer. I am kind of curious who is still around the remembers me.

Looking to find some new tricks to learn, I’ll be stalking…


I think you’re before my time, but welcome back!

I Dont know you because i relativly new but my dad is a software engineer soo thats kinda cool :slight_smile:

I was actually wondering what happened to you not too long ago, good to see that you’re back. C=

You may not remember me though as I lurked mostly at the time.

I never seen you before here but I am pretty knew. Like that one guy said, welcome back.

Thanks all. Trace, I’m sadly not sure who you are although I recall seeing your username before. minusmike still around?


I sort of figured as much. =P

But yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen him as well, wonder what he’s up to.

Last I knew he was taking quite a liking to spin tops so maybe he has bee lurking over there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm I wonder.