Gring machine possibly for trade

i have an almost brand new plastic grind machine in white, no dings. had it about a month, and looking to possibly trade it. theres no bad reason i want to trade it, i just dont think the yoyo is for me. Ive played the yoyo a lot, and it plays very well, and the hubstacks work great. all the parts are stock. Im looking to trade it for another unresponsive plastic or hybrid. What id really like is one of those new red and blue throw monkeys w/ a bearing upgrade. but ill def consider any yyf yyj, or almost any Duncan plastic. NOTE: The grind machine has to small black skidmarks, and i dont know what they are from. if i get any offers i will post some pictures

are those black marks the arrow things

no, they are like little skid marks. dont know where they came from, i only play on carpet. but its not unusual ive seen many grind machine reviews where people talk about them. doesnt effect the play at all, and they are very small

I have a Duncan metal zero if u want it we could trade

how responsive is it?

ill also really like to see a counter attack for this

i can make it unresponsive now but i have it responsive