anyone have a metal grind machine ?`

hey guys i was wondering if anyone had a metal gm if someone wants to trade i might i prefer to buy though. if anyone has one please let me know. please thank you!

Its Plastic Grind Machine.
Please lock your threads if you dont want it anymore.

No, it is “metal” grind machine. How do you know he doesn’t want it anymore? Also, stop trying to play moderator, there is a button for that

1 Like did you say?

yeah i know i saw it
but the correct name of it is Plastic grind mchine 2 or grind machine 2
not metal grind machine
but yes it is a metal grind machine.
and im not acting like a mod bro its called being helpful to the community
i see people telling people not to double post , bump within a day , etc
the reason why i told him to lock his thread is because if he dosent want it
i said IF not oh you dont want it anymore so dont put up useless fights.

that dont look plastice to me and its mgm or metal grind machine or gm2 dont correct us we know

ok let me clear this up. I want a metal grind machine or gm2 if anyone DID NOT WANT! it ill take it or trade for it or buy it. hope this cleared things up :wink:

I have a hubstacked genesis which is a slightly heavier gm2 but my friend Shane Karan has 2 or 3 and they play insanely well

i know i think ive met shane before do u want to trade or sell the stacked genesis?