great yoyos FT.

Hey guys! Just putting some stuff up fort offers, may not trade some of the things. The CUT is one thing I’m definitely looking to trade though.

So i have this Mint with box yellow CUT that doesn’t get too much play, just sits in my case looking beautiful. Wondering what i could get for it.
offer anything really. i’d only sell it for a really good price, just cuz i don’t want to sell really.
i also have:
A mint Cosmo with a tenball, beautiful looks and play.
RARE World’s 07 NM4, sponge yellow/blue ano, looks amazing. needs response. Like one scuff that doesn’t go through the ano. PENDING
Protostar. Dunno if i’ll trade, few marks, nothing big, plays great. If you care, i got it before they were released.
(Good luck getting these off of me, but offer anyway):
SB algae bassalope, first batch, the ones with a couple production marks, main player, would take a hell of an offer. GONE
SB Augie Fash Orange 888. Mint with box. Dead smooth. Would again take one HELL of an offer, much more so than the bassalope. VERY unlikely I’ll let this go. Maybe I’m just putting this here to brag that I have it… lol.

Moving right along…
Wants(but still offer anything)
ILYY Wasabi, Fury, Enigma(LOL)
CLYW Marmot
Much more
I’m too lazy too list the hundreds of other things i want, so OFFER UP!!!

still here

I can trade you an M1, New Breed, legacy. Any of those and i could throw some money in.

No thanks :wink:

i have canadan money and mexican?
i could give it all for the cut.

ouch that hurt

How much would you want for it in cash?

How much for the 888 man?

how much for the protostar?

I prefer not to sell

I have a canada crest wolly marmot(mint) do you want to trade for the orange 888. ;D

Ouch. Its bleeding.

my pyro light minty numba 875 ;D

i sent u a pm did u see my pyro light

I sent you a Pm too. nty :slight_smile: