Great throws For Sale! Done please close

Great throws for sale!

Recess Snack galaxy and alien galaxy $20 each or $30 for both. Both have very minor marks, ano blends with them.
General Yo Mini Star 2 $50 very faint marks, don’t break the ano
One drop Reboot SOLD Really light mark hard to get on camera.
One drop Diorama $50 scuff doesn’t affect play at all.
CLYW & Heven Sent Final Run Creep $80 Mint with box.
CLYW Pickaxe SOLD Mint with Box.
G2 Berry Storm Covenant SOLD Mint.

All of these play extremely well, no vibe all smooth!

Every one will come with handmade string, your choice of color!


Do you have any pics? I’m not seeing any but see some files down below. Maybe it’s just on my end.

Nah same here pics aren’t showing

It still says their uploading. Ill see if i can fix it


Heres my FB post YoYo BST & Talk | Facebook

Did the link work?

nah it didn’t work. everyone quit worrying about that g2, hes gonna trade it to me hahahahahahhahahaah i’m jk but I HOPE hahah

yeah it worked

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I don’t have Facebook so doesn’t work for me.

Can yall see em now!?


Here’s a bump for the good Doctor.

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