'' Great prices on never before used OneDrop Yo-Yo's ''

Hi everyone the Georgia State Yo-Yo community would love if you could be so kind and support the 2013 Georgia State Yo-Yo Contest.

OneDrop Yo-Yo’s has generously donated some great yo-yo’s to support the Georgia Yo-Yo Contest. With there permission we are selling 3-yelets, 2-54’s and 1-cascade to raise money for the contest which will be held on Oct 27 2013. It will take part at the 2013 Georgia Fair. We are hopping to bring the contest back bigger and better than ever. With lots of sponsors and players coming in from all over the country. So far we have received some amazing support from the yo-yo community. I hope we can keep that going. We would love your support as well. Thanks TheArtofThrowing

No trading of any yo-yo’s only sales in support of the contest. All yo-yo’s come with the oringal boxes
If interest message me and we will take care of you. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

Cascade Red/Mint $95

54 Blue/Mint $75
54 Green/Mint $75

Yelets Red/Gold/Mint $75
Yelets Bronez/Mint $75
Yelets Green/Mint $75