Gotta love dat GoPro!


Posted a new video of all GoPro footage! :slight_smile: Thanks for watching! Sorry it didn’t upload in HD and only in 480! :confused: Hope you enjoy!


Sorry I can’t remember how to make the video appear on the post.


Aawssome ;D ;D


Nice vid man and great skills. Glad your posting more vids. Keep them coming and keep up the good work!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Change the link’s protocol (the beginning letters) from “https” to “http” to embed it.

But mobile viewers can’t see the embedded stuff, so better to copy it and THEN drop the “s” so that both audiences can view it. :wink:



Pretty dope, Jordan! Indeed, gotta love that GoPro. :wink: I like seeing a mix of top-down and regular perspective in my videos, but the top-down is often the most fun part.