GoPro Lot with accessories

2 Go Pro Lot.

One Hero and one is a 7 silver.

You get everything in the photos plus a couple more stickers I just found.

Also comes with 128 gig memory card, charging cords, 3 batteries for the silver and tons of other straps and mounts.

200 shipped for the lot.


e it all



This seems like a great deal, so I hope someone nabs it before I get too tempted! Is the Go Pro Hero the Hero7?

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Yes. It’s the hero 7 silver edition.

Shoots in full 4 k

I just never was good at any of this stuff so it has sit around. Please be tempted. I did price quiet a bit lower than feebay.

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It’s my birthday today, and I’m trying to convince my significant other that I need this as a last-minute gift lol. I’ll let you know how it goes! She’s making some pretty solid arguments, such as the fact that I never film anything - or do anything worth filming. :wink:


Oh well happy birthday dude. Buy this lot ill include a yoyo in your package :joy::joy::heart::heart:


Bump. Still available for sale

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Claimed by @DapperWooona

Pending payment.

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