Goofing Off 1 & 2

Well guys my sister wanted to record me doing a few tricks to show some friends and I had her upload em since I don’t have any of my tricks on youtube. These have no editing and they just me messing around really, but they show glimpses of some of my newer tricks (still working out the kinks LOL) Tell me what you guys think, I know it’s kinda hard to see the strings and everything, bear with the quality. One of these days i’ll actually edit some of my footage and make a good video ::slight_smile: but until then…

Goofing Off

Goofing Off 2

i like them but you know whats cool you look like jensen kimmit :)just try adding a song

I’m so not tech savy, I’m gonna have to relearn how to edit and put music with it. I got a bunch of good footage to go through. This was just something I did for my baby sis on her iphone.

You DO look like Jensen Kimmit!!!

according to all these people, i met jensen kimmit :stuck_out_tongue: