good vote...

… to all.


Hope everything goes smooth…

it would seem that it happened all without problems …

Assuming you stay off social media (facebook) and dont talk about who you voted for, yea, things are pretty smooth. But if you DID talk about who you voted for, hold on to your hats!

There is no winner here. Only traps and volleys.

Also, Thank you Persson for caring! :slight_smile: Thats pretty cool of you buddy. /nods approvingly

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I woudn’t say it was “good” voting… :pensive: but if you are in the :us: PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The 2018 midterms are coming up and they are critically important.


Takes like 5 minutes, and you can vote by mail in many states if you register in the next few days (most states tend to restrict vote by mail to 1 month before the vote).

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A reminder to vote is a good thing. This isn’t the place for political views though. Thanks. :slight_smile:


But isn’t that in itself a political view, as you’re pro-politics? :wink:

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Haha you made me laugh Links! However, I view voting as more of a civic duty/responsibility rather than being pro politics.

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