Good Stuff For Sale! (Yet another price cut!)

Prices are shipped and include fees :grin:
Happy to provide more pics/info upon request.

1st Row

Recess Komodo - 29$ -Smooth w/ tiny scratch that doesn’t break anno

Spinworthy - 54$ -Mint. Rare. Cabal Guts. Plays unresponsive or responsive. Fairly vibey unresponsive, not so bad responsive.

2nd Row

OUT pocket love - SOLD -bgrade for a cool knot

3rd Row

YYF Skyline - SOLD -Minty fresh and smooth

Doc Pop Icarus - SOLD -A tiny scratch. Smooth.

4th Row

2sick Bishop - 58$ -Mint. Tiny vibe. One of the best V shapes ever!

Muse - SOLD -Mint. Smooth.

Float - 48$ -Mint. Smooth.


I saw Spinworthy up the top and was worried it was the POM yoyo I made you. Glad you’re not selling that one.



also pmd

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Definitely not selling the POM one. Had to make cuts to raise funds for a hot tub for the misses.


happy wife, happy life… ‘nuff said


Lots sold, but good stuff still available! Let’s hear some offers on the rest! Bump

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He did say hot tub, so happy husband is probably in order as well.


Someone should scoop up that Muse, solid price for a really solid yoyo ($15 savings).
It’s got great matador spikes and a really nice blasted finish, I highly recommend it.

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No doubt! Muse is soooooo smooth and plays way above its price!!! Matador fingerspins for days too!

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Price drops! Bump

More price cuts!!! Bump

OUT pocket love sold! More price drops on everything else!!! Bump

Yet another price drop!!! Bump

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More price cuts!!! New Skyline for 29$ Shipped!!!

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More price cuts on everything! Last cut before I give facebook a go at these!

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Skyline and Icarus are gone!

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