Good Life Breeze restock

Hello everyone!

Michael Kurti here from Good Life. We just got the new run of Breezes out to YYE and wanted to show what we’ve been working on here beforehand. The release will be this Friday August 14th!

We started working with Chandler Steele on the Breeze in 2018 and it was our second yoyo we ever put out. Our goal was to make a full sized yoyo that’s stable for competitive tricks and Chandler’s generally speedy style. Two years later it seems to be a favorite of the teams and probably our most competition ready yoyo, and now we’re so glad to be able to put out a second run! We started working on them a few months ago and Chandler and I both decided some changes would be nice so we rounded out the outside rim, added about 0.3g weight, and made the gap just a hair tighter. Curious to know what people think or if there’s any questions about them!

Too stoked on this release, thanks so much!!


Countdown up now!