ive got a fools gold nuget peak im only selling it because i need money it plays great and im in love with the color. for those of you who are sceptical of buying because its fools gold let me tell you ive used regular and fools gold and cant feel a difference. May be willing to go a little lower but not a lot


let me know if you need pictures


as a general rule, always include pictures in a sale if you can. But yes, I might be interested, and would like some pics. thanks!


When I was going to trade with you, you said you weren’t able to ship…


i can now ive alredy traded one thing now so im ok to trade and my parents let me ship by the way sorry for not getttin back to you on our deal


sorry im not at my house right now so i cant take a picture but i will as soon as im home


are you interested in a trade?
Like maybe:
Xconvixt DM M1 MFHZ(schmooved and siliconed) legacy?


Interested in a DV888 and some other stuff (Plastics)?


sorry gonna have to be a little bit better than that and im not looking for multilple yoyos


no not really i just got rid of my dv888


hey andrew, i have some sunburn lotion, and ill send you an autographed picture of my back, hows that.


actually if you want my superstar thats always an option. Or my Dv888 (even though u already have one.)


sounds great ill ship later today just pm me your adress later


if your serious (wich i doubt) u whould have to trade both and an autographed picture of your back for it. Well really just both the picture of the back is to much to ask for


sorry the pics suck i dont have my camera so these wer taken on an iPhone. More Pics To Come!!!


NEW PICS!!! http://picasaweb.google.com/OrangeyoXIthrowCLYW/FoolsGoldNuggetPeak#

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