Gone plz remove


GONE!!! White YYF Regen up for sale/trade. Mainly looking to trade, but will sell outright for $35 shipped. I would call it near mint. I was running my finger along the edge and thought I felt a scuff, but may have just been my imagination, only thrown a handful of times over carpet, so not sure how it would have gotten scuff. Also noticed some very small/fine scratches on the white faces just now while wiping down with microfiber cloth. EXTREMELY fine and impossible to pick up with camera, only seen in just the right light. Must have come from setting down, moving around on coffee table :frowning: . Just like my Rally and Replay more so thought I would see if there’s any interest. Have box, will flatten it to ship in small flat-rate box. Will be bubble wrapped and secure.

OD - pretty much anything, including another Rally
YYF Severe (white or black)
Budget metals (without a Shutter atm :wink: )
or anything else you may have including a bulk deal with cheapies

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