GONE! Done here for now.. ;)

Hello YYE,

Trying to part with this Hatrick… Has some love marks (pictured below…) but General Yo SMOOTH!!
Looking for trades!

-GONE- Done for now!! :wink:

- 1st run Hatrick -

[s] - TMBR Freemont -

Pictures soon for the Freemont[/s]

$$ Can add CASH if needed!! $$

- $80 Shipped in the USA

[b] - TMBR x SPYY Eh!*****

  • Deadly Spins

  • Werrd Irony

  • General Yo’s

  • OFFER ANYthing… very open!

  • C3 Speedaholic (mainly clear… but any color will do)[/b]

On the hunt for a TMBR x SPYY Eh!.. Looking for something in good condition.

Let me know what you have and what you are asking for them?! If you have something real nice
I can always add a little on top :slight_smile:

still available :wink:


one last bump… this thing maybe pending!!