If you have a Hatrick please PM me! Good condition perfered. Any colorway! I will see if I can make you an appealing deal! Please, just let me know. It can’t hurt to ask what I have got!

No you don’t you want one. But if I could make a recommendation that you might find useful. Save your money and yoyos and wait for a Essence. They are so I hear, amazing. But thats just my opinion, I’ll just let you know I got bored of my Hatrick once I found a better shape for me.

Those look awesome! I think I will have to try and pick up one of those too, when they come out. I am still seeking a Hatrick though, so BUMP!

Ok, well another suggestion that I find more effective than these WANT posts. Go to the BST and Search Hatrick. You will get all BST threads that mention the word Hatrick. So everythread will of people selling or trading them will be in there. But if you do do this, check the dates on the post, if it is over 2 weeks old send them a PM instead of BUMPing and old post. Hope I could help, and good luck with the hunt for the Hatrick.

I tried that, but there were not too many. I looked at a lot of them, and PMed a lot of people. Also, most of the things that come up in a search for ‘Hatrick’ are peoples wants lists. This looking for thread has found me a lot more since many people aren’t actively looking for a trade using a b/s/t thread. Thanks for your help and suggestions though! I am going to try the search thing again, and see if I can find anything new.