Gold Skyline 110 shipped in the USA!

Well i bought a Gold Skyline a few weeks ago. It really is a wonderful yoyo, however i am just not feeling it. It is as smooth as any YYF yoyo, however i am in search for something new.
The yoyo has been played a little, but is mint. The package has a little tear in it but it is not bad PIC:

Notice the small tear circled in green.

The yoyo is flawless and plays very nicely, it is just not my cup of tea.
I will take 110 shipped in the usa!

Feel free to PM me any other questions.

Jeremy G.

how much $$$

As in the title, $110 shipped.

My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you interested? PM me!

PM means personal message right?

How do we PM you?

Go press their name next to their post and on the bottom or near there, it says “send this user a personal message” or something like that.


If you really felt you needed to fix it, at least finish it off :wink:

If you still have this are you interested in trades?

What do you have to trade?

Markmont, Fade project, smoke m1, or maybe my g5+

Thanks for the offer, but ill pass.