Gnarwhal Swimming In The Ocean

Please comment and feel free to criticize me! ;D

From what i can see your improving. One thing though, i cant really see the string from 0:05 to 0:18, but everything else looked good!

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something went wrong when it was going through my computer so yeah thanks! 1st time i dint get nervous while making a vid heheh :wink: :wink:

Y doesnt anyone watch my videos here, i dont suck an more… :frowning:

i just watched. purty good

pretty good! you are getting a lot better ;D

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thanks, you from CLYW btw???

thanks man! that means a lot because the always make fun of my tricks sometimes

I remember when you were new, that wasnt too long ago. You are getting a lot better :wink:

thanks guys!

WOW u have improved a whole lot hope to see u at some major competitions. ;D

il be going and compete sports 1a maybe regular 1a at NER

Aww Man.
When I clicked on the video I thought it was gonna be you putting your Gnarwhal in the Ocean and watching it Drift Away. XD

But Awesome Video! :wink:

hahah sorrry bout that! but thanks