3 years




Using the Gnarwal. Filmed with a HDR-SR1
Edited and Color corrected with Imovie 09


you are really awesome!!!
nice yoyoing!!!

(M²) #3

Wonderful, i really enjoy your videos, you have a great style. I’m glad you posted this.

(202andrew) #4

Zach your my Hero, lol. I can’t stop watching this video.


you have been yoyoing for a long time


Awesome, having you tried competing at Worlds, or nationals, if so I think you could win or defiantly come close!


he has… wow… Zach, keep up the GREAT work!!!


Wow, I didn’t ever come to realize that your Zach Gormley. lol, I never payed attention. Well now I know! Nice to have you on the forums Zach! :wink:


one word. respect.


i see three lol


Ugh!!! I must have a Gnarwhal!!! I want one and I need one!!!


yea i want a gnalwhal tooo!!!


Zach, you are awesome! :smiley:


Such Great style…and senery.

And yes, this video is proof that the Gnarwhal is Epic.