Giants Superstar, G5, E1ns2010 and more ILLY

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ILYY E1NS 2010 , 65€
Mint (with bag)

ILYY Rocket in Silver Pearl (SB), 35€
small marks, but nothing through the coating (with bag)

ILYY Rocket in Hot Pink (Canflon, SB ) (1 von 7), 33€
Wobbel. (with bag)

ILYY Mary, 40€
1 ding, not through the coating (with bag)

ILYY Enigma PrePro (Limitation: ~25), 40€
The Heavy weight beast!(71g!)… some dings

YYF 2010 G5, 55€
like new with Box, except that i put my own silicone in it.

YYF Superstar Giants Edition, you’re making the price :smiley:
Mint in Box.

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Im from Germany