Getting into 2A


I have quiet a lot of experience with 1A throwing but I really never tried other styles. That’s why I decided to start that thread to ask for help for myself and I hope many other people. So, to the point. What do you guys recommend to watch, read, buy to start journey with 2A? I am looking for even simplest basics like:
How long should the string be? How unresponsive should yoyo be? How to throw a perfect looping motion every time and how to do it properly? And finally what looping yoyos do you recommend?
Videos are kindly welcome.

I will be very thankful for every help!
Hope you have a great day

I second this…I am re-entering the yoyo scene but I had a fair amount of string trick experience before…looking at trying some looping. I would appreciate any info as well! Thanks!


I’m fairly new to looping and I use a shorter string about 3/4 of my 1a string. And your looping yoyo needs to be super responsive

Got the Loop 360 today and it is pretty awesome. Put some thick lube on it right out of the box and it feels great looping.


I like the 360 and 1080.