Get rid of the 30-day rule for locking Trader Feedback

Would it be possible to get rid of the 30-day rule for locking threads in the Trader Feedback category? I don’t think it’s unusual for someone to go that long without making a transaction on the B/S/T. I personally have a Feedback thread that someone started for me, but it is currently locked. Mods, would one of you mind unlocking the thread below? Thanks!


Mods, you can ignore my request to unlock my feedback thread. I have another old feedback thread that isn’t locked, I’ll just paste this screenshot into that one.

Is it possible to do this @codinghorror? I’m not entirely sure where to look for this option, if it exists.


I think at the time it might have auto closed as it was part of the BST category - but since it is in its own category now they are left open and do not auto-close at the moment - I did double check the settings too… So should be all set! :+1:


Awesome, thanks!