(Zach Smith) #1

Just a cool branding variation.

(Mi) #2

Do you nme your videos after your current girlfriends Zach? xD

(Zach Smith) #3

My girlfriend’s name is Lucious. My guitar is named Gertrude. XD But I go have the Lulu hook, just for her. XD


looks slick! want to learn it

(Mi) #5

Awesome XD

(Zach Smith) #6

Yeah. The first time I showed her was during my freestyle at TN states. XD

(Mi) #7

Whatever happened to Marie? Or whatever her name was? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zach Smith) #8

Yeah… That was… It became a long distance thing and I couldn’t do it anymore. :confused:

(Mi) #9

Aw, sorry Zach. I totally know how that feels. >.< Alls well that ends well though, trust me.

(Zach Smith) #10

Yeah. It was for the best.

(Mi) #11

Atleast now you have Gertrude, and she doesnt mind when you play with her strings. xD


*pull her strings. :stuck_out_tongue:


sweet looking trick I’ve got to learn it!!!


Geez zack , you never stop amazing me , i definently want to hear about this thunder wasp.