General Yo Presents: Legato 2!


Introducing General Yo’s newest innovation, Legato 2! This updated version of the beloved Legato is sure to take your yo-yo performances to new heights. With a slightly wider profile and increased weight, the Legato 2 is the perfect companion for all your most daring tricks. Experience the power, precision, and balance of Legato 2 today!

Purple-General-Yo-LegatoII Purple-General-Yo-LegatoII-1 Purple-General-Yo-LegatoII-2


This yo-yo is very underrrated. It has a sort of organic feel to it in the hand but still has that kick you get from a v shape. The edges are sharp but the middle part of the yo-yo is comfy. Very stable very fast. He hit it out of the park on the weight with this one . I think a lot of those who dig the performance type yo-yos but are also looking for something different you will really like this one .