General-Yo OG TORRENT factory freash


OG TORRENT #026 never used/ factory fresh.
James Reed Mission Torrent auction.
This Torrent was purchased from my Aunt from Canada at yoyonation to help me out in sales when I first released them. She never played it, and returned it to me 5 years later at a family reunion.
High bid takes it. Serious bids only. Any hesitation in payment goes to next highest bidder. Payment will be made paypal to James.
Bids can be made here:

If you have a problem getting in that closed group, post your bid here, and I will relay.
Current bid is $250


current bid is $325

(H.J.Fras) #3

Bump for Ernie! Digging the raw prestige!


I love it when stuff like this pops up.


Original BST is changing and is updeated.
However this thread is good to use


Bid is now $375


Current bid is $500


its up to $510


current bid is at $560
We will be closing this auction 5:00 pm pst tomorrow 7-16-14


at $570
This may be a record


I will trade you my Duncan Freehand 2 for it! MIP.


Bidding ends today at 5:00 pm pst


last hour at $580


I would consider selling mine for that amount!!! Don’t mean to butting in on your thread Ernie.please forgive that I have have a very low number O.G. And there is something I want to buy and if that kind of cash is offered I might budge. Mine is not mint like this but as close as you can get. But that is wild of you to offer yours up. No one will ever see a Mint OG. For sale again that you can pretty much take to the bank.


So what was the winning bid?


I dont mind parting with it for the cause it is helping.
Im grateful I am able.


I am extremely prejudice but in my opinion it is the most valuable yo in the world.


It’s right up there with the OG Peak in value and collectibility.

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