General-yo Magnum wanted dead or alive


Hey guys, I really want to complete my General-yo collection. So I’m offering this pile of goodies to anyone why can put me in touch with a seller. I’m hoping for Mint with the wooden box at around 250-300. But will consider other conditions.
After the Magnum is in my hand I’ll ship you out this pile, most of which is new in box, including the case. The sine/saw is mint , and the YYJ has a scratch.


Nice bounty :wink: good luck man!


dingo54 has one


Dingo sold all of his Gen-yo.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Azunyan (Tyler hsieh) has a mint 1 of 1 powdercoated magnum he got directly from Ernie. I don’t think he has a box but it’s worth a try


Nathan has one

(system) #7