General Yo is bringing back a classic - The ESSENCE!

After almost a decade General Yo is bringing back one of their crowd favorite designs - The ESSENCE!

Identical to the small release nine years ago, the General Yo Essence is a beautiful organic design with performance that has really held up over time. Powerful and stable on the string with a comfortable feel in the hand to keep you coming back for more. The Essence has the classic General Yo glass blasted finish and super smooth feel on the string.

“We never made enough, in fact only 88 were released 9 years ago so it was time to bring it back!” We couldn’t agree more!

Releasing Tuesday 6/30 @ 8PM EDT.


@YoYoExpertGarrett did you get a chance to throw this? 4.2mm gap looks tight but maybe that’s just me. I missed the original and would be interested in some feedback on the play.


I own an original. Its definitely got some heft to it on the string compared to the hatrick and 5 star, and feels solid with a lot of power behind it.