Gambit - We Miss You!

(InvaderDust) #1

Still have not seen him return. I miss him. :-
Hope everything is OK brother brother.



Same :frowning:

({RTD} alecto) #3

Gambit i need your instagram videos for inspiration…


Gosh I was just thinking about his Instagram account… So many yoyo accounts out there, but his tricks and combos always caught my eye.
Hope he comes back soon!!! :frowning:


Yo-yo drama… :-*

I too, hope to see Gambit back soon. We miss you Gambit!

(yoyobro!) #6

Where is he? Anybody know?

(InvaderDust) #7

Not here or /r/throwers, or instagram.

He did the community a favor albiet he went about it in not the perfect way, and a small but potent A-hole caused a lynch mob against him. Jensen and Chuck were pretty cool with it, but the third not-to-be-named d-nozzle thats just skimming off of Chuck and J’s name and success spearheaded and encouraged hate and aggression toward Gambit on account of a video re-edit Gambit had up for a single evening.
Lets just say that the worthless little devil appears to be just that… Low class drama pot that just wants to feel special. (NEWSFLASH if “you” are reading this, YOU’RE NOT!)

Bottom line is J is dealing with too heavy of personal stuff to be on point with he yoyo. We will just say that he is busy finding himself. Chuck is ON POINT! He knows whats up and how to get there. Skill sets are explosive and dialed. Very excited for what the future brings from him. And i think we know how I feel about the other member.

All that aside, even though Chuck is one of my favorite throwers, Id take Gambit’s quality, positivity, and consistent quality content over most others anyday.

TL/DR - Gambit is the man! A/rt is carrying dead weight.

(yoyobro!) #8

Oh, well that is not cool at all! I must say however that I don’t know who most of the people are that you are referring to, and I have never seen Gambits videos, he always seemed like a really cool guy and very helpful


If and when (hopefully) he comes back, he will receive a hero’s welcome won’t he? I miss his inspiration! Come on back, Gambit.

(yoyobro!) #10

Amen! What is the name of his YouTube channel?

(InvaderDust) #11

A hero’s welcome it will be!! I just hope hes lurking and sees the love. He took the fan boy hate pretty hard and told us that he’d be “taking a break” for a while… I was hoping itd be for just a few days, but the whole event really rocked him it seems.

Honestly, I just hope the best for all parties involved.

As for his youtube? Be ready for a heart weight.


Gambit, if you happen to see this: miss you, man!


lmao always thought this was the most pathetic drama in the community I’ve ever seen. Original video was absolute garbage, would never have even watched it, Gambit’s edit was great and certainly appreciated and the only reason I ever saw those tricks.

(major_seventh) #14

Wait did I miss something? Where’d he go? :stuck_out_tongue:


There was an issue that got way out of hand that shouldn’t have. Scott decided he needed some time away from the yoyo community. Hopefully he’s still playing. And more importantly I (we all) hope he’s doing ok.

(yoyobro!) #16

What is his YouTube channel? I really want to check that out now

({RTD} alecto) #17

youtube channel has been deleted by gambit.

(yoyobro!) #18

!!! That so sucks, I hope he (you if you are lurking) is alright…you will be in my prayers friend!


I do hope he comes back, it’s been a really long time now…


Right! Anyone hear from him? :confused: Great tricks and a great person on the forums!