G2 7/24/13 Survey Wednesday!

(G2 Jake) #1

Survey Wednesday!

Which G2 team member is your favorite?

What was the first contest you attended?

What’s your favorite type of pie?


Can’t pick

Haven’t been to one yet

Cherry or apple or banana cream



Haven’t been to one,yet

Pecan pie and pumpkin pie…mmmmmm


I dont know.

Redondo beach

Apple crumb. mmm



1.Mr. Gross

2.Cal States in 2012

3.Apple Pie or Key Lime


You’re all OK in my book

VA States 2013

Sweet Potato


You :wink:

never attended one



Brandon, Jesse and you

Haven’t been to one.

Key Lime or Pumpkin


Brandon and Jake

Haven’t been to one yet



You, I love your tuts

PNWR 2013

Apple friken’ pie