9/25/13 G2 Survey Wednesday!

Survey Wednesday!

Last New Yoyo you bought?

Favorite type of cookie?

Who is your favorite actor?

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Yeti (I assume you didn’t mean off the BST?)

Chocolate Chip

Steve Carrel, for now, at least.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Don’t have one…

I bought a used Genesis from a friend. New, though, would be a PSG and ONEstar

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bar Cookie (mmm)

I have no clue who my favorite actor is. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, more, and more.

Hmm… This was more than a few months back. New at least

2 360’s
2 Gacek(spelling?) ONE’s

Would love to try a G2… Maybe Virginia states if i go?

Chocolate chip

I don’t have one, because I’m young i cant remember names.

My favorite actor is the guy who plays that guy XD


None because of silly food allergies



Chocolate chip I guess. But I do love cookies ;).

Umm, im not really sure. Maybe Steve carrel,Tim Harvey ( I think that’s his name, bane in dark knight rises…) etc, I can’t think of any.
By the way, best director:Chris Nolan :slight_smile:

Don’t stop making these!!!


Double Chocolate Chip

Jim Caviezel


Chocolate chip or sugar

Benedict Cumberbatch

Last New Yoyo you bought? Off the b/s/t: Bape.2, Off the store: Trigger

Favorite type of cookie? M&M cookie(Maybe, I could probably think of one I like more)

Who is your favorite actor? Nicholas cage, for lack of more actors names LOL

Hmmm new was forever ago: Firmy
Last week I bought a used Albatross

I like snickerdoodle and soft chocolate chip


I haven’t bought anything
Chocolate Chip
Michael Cera

TMBR turner

Oatmeal raisin

Bryan Cranston

Last New Yoyo you bought? I just ordered a One Drop Chik! today

Favorite type of cookie? I’m not really into sweets so my answer is pizza

Who is your favorite actor? Anyone that has not destroyed my favorite childhood comic books.

I got a Shutter

Nutella with white chocolate chips

Leo <3


chocolate chip

Robert Downy JR (because he plays iron man)