G2 2018 Banshee

Reaper is sold…
Banshee is sold…

Got to thin out the herd a bit. The Reaper may be the V7 prototype, but I can’t tell the difference visually or in play with my other Reaper.

Really the same story on both of these. I have a mint box for both, both play great. I have played both a fair amount and there are a couple of dings on the edges. Tried to get those in the pics. So these are not mint, but great players. Looking for $57.50 for the Reaper and $57.50 for the Banshee.

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if you have a scale, weigh the reaper and i can tell you if it’s al7 or not.

I keep meaning to pick up a scale, but don’t have one. Thanks for the offer.

Reaper is sold! Banshee still available. It is a nice throw. Cost me a lot of money as it sent me down the Banshee rabbit hole.

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Banshee still available?