G Squared Quake (Buried Treasure color way)

I personally like the Left more :).


:wink: Post as a poll croc…not a “new topic.” I’ll delete this one if you start a new thread.

Whoops sorry I try :D.

Is it good now? I added a poll.

(Sorry I’m usually on mobile I’m a bit confused)

That colorway is called Buried Treasure.

Sounds cool thanks!

The splash in the center of the left appealed to me more. It just feels more balanced. Nice post croc’.

Yeah same! And thanks!

Left I like the blue stripe down the middle.

It’s actually purple. My camera just isn’t the best.

Oh well it sure looks blue to me :smiley:

Wait! Nevermind it’s blue you’re right sorry!

It is orange, there is some purple splash and some blue splash.

Do you see on the right where it looks like a face that’s crying? This is kind of a hard decision for me actually…

Left, I like the line across the middle.