G squared g2 Nessie for sale Onedrop

Ok I need cash to visit the Onedrop factory here in Oregon. I have a g2 Nessie with what I believe is a special contest color way. It’s gold with pink and purple splash. It looks really sweet. It has two dings and one pictured scuff. There is some other very minor flats pots and scratches as well. It is quite smooth with possibly a very slight vibe barely noticeable on grinds. If it’s not dead smooth right now it could be easily tuned smooth. Also I have the box and everything that it came with. I think it’s maybe a shirt pin and a few stickers.This yoyo is a great player and one of my favorites but I need need the cash for my factory visit. I am asking $70 USD shipped OBO. You can pm or text as well. Texting will be fastest but I do respond to pm’s
Phone # is 503 989 8236