Future of the Yo-Yo



I couldn’t agree more.

As for the yoyo itself, I think there will be more inlaid materials like the eli dert and the KC dert. Copper tungsten inlays are nice. Give smaller yoyo’s new weight advantages.

i definitely don’t think i deserve that kind of credit, and i don’t think my name needs to be anywhere in a thread like “future of the yo-yo”… however i definitely appreciate and am humbled by your words.

i think yo-yoers will continue to oscillate between responsive and unresponsive play, with the latter remaining more popular because of its gentler learning curve and the former maintaining a kind of cache due to its esoteric difficulty. i’ve said for awhile that while we’ve seen revolutions (great and small) with respect to “how we play”, i’m much more interested in “why we play”. i would like to see yo-yoing take its place as more of a performance art, with less emphasis put on extrinsic motivations like the results of competitions and more on creativity and innovation (honestly though, it’s not like we’re hurting in that respect).

as to what we should expect on the technical side, i’ve given up trying to answer this question (although it’s a fun one). yo-yoers have proven repeatedly that they are way more innovative and far less predictable than i assume and have repeatedly taken the art in directions which i never could have imagined. it’s just nice to be a part of this community and to watch where it goes.

I think taking your idea a step further, I think this will lead to a whole new level of yoyo decoration. Dyed and/or anodized material combined with inlaid materials will really help encourage an artistic element not commonly done. This should make for some interesting and attractive creations.

Ed, you’re certainly welcome.

One thing that’s missing with many modern players who have come in with little knowledge of responsive play past the beginner stage and looping, we’re forgetting our history. I’m not saying we all need to read a thousand pages of yoyo history, but we at least need to understand where yoyo evolved from. I feel your fixed axle videos showing that such amazing tricks are possible with “old school gear” is very important. Definitely inspiring.

I don’t know if this is in the future, but i want the contest to be scored differently.

As I understand it, there’s more score being offered for artistic/technical merit rather than speed demon string hitting.

What would you like to see changed? I’m all in favor of seeing things changing.

Probably some basic advancements in the near future. Such as new string materials, yo-yo shapes, etc.

I am wanting people who do things like guy wright, for those kind of style’s to score better. For you to score more points based on the difficulty of tricks than the speed.

Speed plus smoothness, times Level of difficulty of tricks.

Yes! Braided string is where it’s at!

i agree with steve i would also like to say that i think/hope that people start following duncan recrev and c3. They make a amazing throws for a price much lower than they should be i.e. metropolis echo ocillitrix di base raptor 33 1/3


The yoyo will probably grab onto a trend or label of certain cliques in highschool. Or maybe it will have another boom during Christmas time for the younger crowd. I see YYF is targeting the “skaters”. Good choice for marketing I guess. I like the diversity in it now though…

I am in complete agreement. The new scoring systems in place are designed with the intentions that players such as the likes of Guy Wright have a better chance of going further and higher in competitions. Having seen Guy Wright perform, I definitely feel this sort of flow and controlled play is largely unappreciated in the contest circuit by judges from a scoring point of view. Crowds love it. I like it a lot better than the speed demon stuff.

The reality is that string hits are still a big part of judging as you can’t just expect judges to instantly change their mindset. It will take a couple of years(Ok, after the end of next year maybe) to really be on board with the new scoring system.

I doubt that. There is no training for judges, there is no governing body for judges, and at the highest level of competition the organizers only judge the effectiveness of judges by seeing if their scores lines up with…other judges.

It’s a free-for-all, and always has been. And neither the World YoYo Contest nor the National YoYo League, which are really the two entities that are most affected by this, have made any effort to change it. I’m not even sure they’ve acknowledged it.

I hear you. I just am in partial disagreement. Change takes time. However, you did get me good on that part about part about judges seeing how their scoring compared to that of the other judges. I didn’t take that into consideration. Either way, it takes time to break some of the mentality of how things HAVE been done vs. how things are supposed to be done now.

This goes back to a concept I mentioned a while back about having a truly uniform governing body. Right now they just seem like entities on paper, no backbone or enforcement capacity.

Either way, this will never affect me. I’m not ever going to be competing. I know how bad I am, and so do the people around me. No need to embarrass myself further!

Sure…but it requires that someone acknowledge the need for it and begin taking steps to make that change. Neither organization has done that, or has indicated any intention of doing it.

I’d never expected someone to snap their fingers and fix something, but right now both are just glibly ignoring it.

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I am resurrecting this topic from the dead! Now, I know the forum rules state:

However I thought that in this case it would be interesting to see how things have already changed in the couple of years since this thread was originally started. Mods, if there is any problem with this then let me know and I’ll happily start a new topic. :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that Steve’s contest vision is slowly being realised. The level of production in last years EYYC and Worlds was the best it’s ever been, and I can only imagine that the Japanese have some pretty special stuff lined up for this year. Heck, Gentry’s win even made the news in some parts of the USA, so yoyoing is beginning to get the kind of exposure that it deserves.

Design wise, it seems like a lot of the Eastern market (Japan, China) is starting to lean more and more heavily towards bi-metal yoyos. Just look at Yoyorecreation or sOMEThING’s current line up and you’re hard pressed to find many all-aluminium throws. The latest Turning Points also feature bi-metal designs, and Sturm Panzer is an all-bimetal company.

Will this trend make it over to the USA? Are all-aluminum yoyos on the way out?

Personally I’m not sure it will, not for a while anyway. To me it seems that the priorities in manufacturing differ between the countries:

East - Focus on performance
West - Focus on play

Now obviously this is a massive generalisation and there will be exceptions, but I feel it holds true for a lot of companies. The USA doesn’t seem to have the focus on top-tier performance that lends itself to bi-metal experimentation.

Look at the yoyo that this forum voted the ‘yoyo of the year’ this year, the Markmont.Classic. Don’t get me wrong, it performs fantastically, but it plays even better.

Compare it to the Yoyorecreation Draupnir. There’s no arguing that the Draupnir is one of the best yoyos ever made, and I own two of them… yet my MMC gets a lot more play time than either of these. It’s more comfortable in the hand, it lends itself to fast play as well as it does to flowy, relaxed styles, and I think it’s overall more enjoyable play is what makes it so popular in the USA (considering that for the most part the Western style is a bit more relaxed and less competition-orientated than our Eastern bretheren).


Yes, I’m aware that Onedrop may indeed have a bi-metal in their future, and Yoyofactory have dropped the Space Cowboy, but I personally can’t see them becoming the norm in the same way that they are with the Japanese manufacturers.

Contest-scoring wise, I’m pretty happy with things at the moment. Watching this years WYYC, there’s no doubt to me that Gentry deserved the win. Furthermore, Takeshi’s 2nd place finished showed that ridiculous difficulty is rewarded as well, even if it comes without the speed we’re used to from many Japanese players. Part of me would like to see more rewarding for performance as well as skill, but at the same time I appreciate that the goal of the WYYC is to find the best yoyoer, not the best performer. I’ll be interested to see if anything changes in coming years at any rate.

So these are just my thoughts on the subject, what do YOU think is in the future for yoyoing? Not only in yoyo design itself, but in the organising and scoring of contests. Alternatively, what would you like to see change in the future?

Discuss. ;D

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Bi-Metal is definitely in the public eye at the moment, especially with YYF bringing out the Space Cowboy without violating YYJ’s patent. I certainly hope there are plenty of single material yo-yos though, like you said the MMC is simply the best yo-yo from last year.

The future? Motorization. It’s coming, we know it’s coming, we just need YYF to get it to that sweet spot of playable and affordable.

No kidding!
Perpetual motion, Unlimited speed? Really gets you thinking 8)